Sunday, May 31, 2009

September 29- Trying something new

This is such a fun time in the twins’ lives! Everything is new, and there are so many “firsts” to be had. We tried out our mesh feeding bags for the first time today.
These are such a neat invention. You simply put some type of fruit in the little mesh bag, and close it. They have a nice sized handle that’s easy for the babies to grip, and then they can enjoy trying out a new food without the risk of choking on it. Today I put a slice of banana in their bags and let them have at it. Sterling was soooooo excited once he realized there was a banana in the bag. He was sucking on the mesh as hard as he could! Ella was not too pleased with my choice of fruits. Guess she’s still not a fan of bananas?
Ay goo (Korean for "oh no!"). Sterling was infuriated when his bag was empty. I really think he’d eat the whole banana if I let him!
And just a cute picture of Sterling hanging out in the doorway jumper.

September 28- The pumpkin head

The cooler fall weather moving in has left Sterling feeling festive. He wore his pumpkin hat this morning. Much cuter than Ichabod Crane's pumkin head, huh?

September 25- Happy Birthday to Grandma

Happy Bithday to you.... happy birthday to you.... happy birthday dear Grandma.... happy birthday to you.
We're so glad you made it to see this birthday and we look forward to celebrating many more happy birthdays with you. We can't wait to make more memories with Grandma in the coming years; teaching us to ride a pony, playing in the ocean, baking cookies, and all the other wonderful times we have to look forward to now! Happy birthday on this very poignant birthday to our dear and loving Grandma.

With twice the love, Ella & Sterling C.

September 23- Back to Georgia

Sadly, as always, all good things must come to an end. We had a wonderful time in Florence for the past few days, and we were so happy to see all of our loved ones. But we're still needed in Atlanta. Grandma had to go back in the hospital for a few days. Nothing too serious, she just needed some fluids and monitoring. Pretty much par for the course, and hopefully she'll be getting out on Monday. We're looking forward to being able to see her again on October 1st, when the vaccinations the kids' recieved have had time to wear off. So it's over the river and through the woods to grandma's house we go....
We stopped at the GA state line rest stop to eat and take a break from driving. It was such a pretty day, I wanted the kids to get to enjoy some of the sunshine. As always, we were approached by lots of people asking "are they twins?" I think I may apply a bumper sticker to their stroller that says, "Before you ask, yes, we're twins."
Of course, we've gotten to meet plenty of people all over the globe being an "oddity." Today a lady at the rest stop offered to stroll the babies around while I went to the restroom. Um, NO! Isn't that a Lifetime Television movie of the week or something? Do people really let complete strangers walk off with their children while they go to the bathroom? At a reststop! Anyhow, we politely declined. So we made it safely back to Georgia, and I've been able to update my blog with lots of new entries and pictures all about our trip (29 entries to be exact). And for anyone who's been living under a rock, or just doesn't care- Georgia Bulldogs beat the Crimson Tide yesterday.... Goooooo dawgs!
(And yes, Sterling is wearing his sister's pink bib in the above picture.)

September 22- Visiting with Grandmother

Today we went to Huntsville to see the babies' Grandmother (Michael's mother) and cousins, Logan and Hunter. Of course Grandmother was thrilled to see her babies and spend some time with them. They've grown a lot since the last time they saw her, but they were still very happy to see her! Ella had a good time trying to get Grandmother's earrings and glasses off of her. Watch out Grandmother, it won't be too long before this little girl is trying to play dress up in your jewelry box!
While we were in Huntsville visiting with Grandmother and the cousins we went to Portrait Innovations (Mommy's favorite place!) and had pictures of of all the grandkids together. What a fun picture! I guess I shouldn't say what "cute" cousins. I guess it's two "cute" cousins, and two "handsome" cousins. Logan and Hunter are probably a bit old to be called "cute," unless of course it's their girlfriends calling them cute! Poor Logan and Hunter had to be in charge of holding two squirmy babies and listening to all the cooing and such to get Ella and Sterling to smile for the camera. It was all worth it- the pictures turned out fantastic! These kids can't take a bad picture! It would be easy to spend hundreds of dollars buying pictures when the subjects are so attractive! Ella and Sterling just loooooved getting to see their "big" cousins and spend time with them. We can't wait to see them again soon!

Talk about some lucky grandparents! What a great looking bunch of kids.
Later we had dinner at Grammy's house with "cousin" Maddox. All the babies joined the big people at the table.
This time next year we probably won't be able to get a picture of all three babies around the table- they'll be too busy running circles around Mom Gibson!
Sterling wishes he was just a little better at this whole eating thing, then he'd be able to have a serving of Mom's corn. There's no food in this whole world that compares to Mom's corn and sweet tea.

Ella likes to devour a good book just like her Mommy. Although, Mommy isn't usually so literal about her love of reading, but hey, we all have to start somewhere!
We had such a wonder time visitng Florence and spending a couple days in our own home. We really hate to leave, but we know we'll be back at least one more time before we head back to Korea. And even better, we'll have Daddy with us on our next trip to Florence!

September 21- Eating breakfast with Grandma Wooten

Ella was very relieved we returned to apllesauce after her horrible experience with peaches the day before. Grandma does a good job of getting her to finish every last spoonful of apples!
Grandma Sandy feeds Sterling his breakfast.

What a sight! We went with Grammy and Maddox to do a little shopping this afternoon. One more baby, and someone's going to need a bigger car! I still can't believe all those car seats fit in that back seat.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the three cutest babies of all? I see three cute babies in Grammy's Pooh car mirror!

September 20- Peaches

This was the happy girl BEFORE she ate her peaches. I could only get her to take a few bites before she had a total melt down. She hates peaches! Have you ever heard of a child who hates peaches? I guess just being born in Georgia, doesn't automatically make you a Georgia peach! Maybe she's more of an Alabama blackberry?
Sterling before trying peaches for the first time.

Yet another one who just isn't a Georgia peach. I can't believe this. Sterling has finally met a food he doesn't like. Peaches. He loathes peaches! I think we may be skipping this food for the time being.

Grandma and Grandpa Wooten (Michael's father and step-mother) came to visit Ella and Sterling. They were so excited to see the kids for the first time since we've been back from Korea. Grandma Sandy is so in love with her twin grandbabies!
Ella checks out who's lap she's sitting on. Looks like Sterling has already given his approval.

September 19- A day in the park

Today we went to Spring Park in Tuscumbia for lunch and a stroll in the park with Grammy, Becky, and Maddox. We had a yummy lunch, or at least the big people had a yummy lunch, all babies “got milk.” Then we walked around the lake and saw the duckies. It was a beautiful Indian summer day- perfect for a play date and photo shoot in the park. Ella did eventually wake up and enjoy the outing!
Sterling enjoying the great outdoors.........

Actually, I just wanted to post this picture because it shows how incredibly blue his eyes are. They may be fraternal twins, but one thing Ella and Sterling have in common are their eyes. I really hope they keep these eyes, but I guess we'll see.

Enjoying an afternoon with my two little loves. I'm afraid that pretty soon they won't both fit in my lap together anymore; they're growing so fast.

Sometimes Mommy can be so oblivious! I put Ella down on the ground, wanting to get her picture, but she wouldn't look up a me. I couldn't figure out what was holding her attention until I saw her try to pick up an ant! I had sat her down in an ant pile. Good thing she had tights on today, or I could have been in big trouble. Daddy might kill me if his little girl got eaten by ants!
Going home to Alabama means Ella gets to sleep in her very own crib. She's had to sleep in the pack-n-play ever since she got kicked out of the crib a couple months ago, so she was a very happy girl to get to sleep in her comfy crib. She'll be having sweet dreams tonight after a long day playing in the park with her buddy Maddox and brother Sterling.

September 19- In our highchairs at last!

Since we've been at Grandma's house in Atlanta, the kids haven't had the oppurtunity to try eating their baby food in their nice high chairs yet. Daddy assembled these high chairs when Ella and Sterling were only 2 weeks old (jumping the gun just a little, huh?). Today they got to eat in their highchairs for the very first time. Makes sweet potatoes just a little bit sweeter to eat at the big people table!

September 18- We're biohazards

Well, not to everyone (except when Sterling is spitting up), but right now we’re a health hazard to Grandma. After the kids received their shots last Monday, the transplant doctors told mom she couldn’t be around the babies for 3 weeks. Because she’s on immunosuppressant and anti-rejection drugs, her immune system is so weak; she could possibly catch a virus just from being exposed to someone who was recently vaccinated. And since I’m in such constant contact with the babies (and their poopy diapers), I can’t be around her either. So, while we’re in “quarantine” I decided to pack up the car and head to Alabama for a few days. It will be nice to go to our own home and visit some friends and family. Good thing these babies are such good little travelers (that’s Sterling above ready to hit the open road)!
Help! Someone help me! My Mommy has an addiction, and has gone off the deep end. Mommy got her order of Bitty Bows in the mail today. Don’t know what a Bitty Bow is? Check out their website:
She couldn’t decide which bow was the cutest, so she decided to put them ALL in my hair. Oh the inhumanity! I knew I should’ve followed Sterling’s lead and gotten in the “boy parts” line when God was handing out genders. Instead here I am, Mommy’s only, and long awaited little girl, with a million bows in my hair. Help!



She's a ham for yams

Ella may have turned her nose up at bananas, but she certainly enjoys sweet potatoes! We tried the sweet potatoes for the first time today, and they were a hit. Of course, Sterling has not found a food he doesn't like. He literally inhales anything you put in his mouth, but his sister is a bit pickier. She has also figured out it's great fun to blow raspberries as soon as she has a mouthful of food. She sprayed sweet potatoes all over my face today... yum.
I guess at holiday meals Sterling will have the banana pudding, and Ella will have the candied yams (Mommy gets the pumpkin pie). She's more like her Aunt Jenn every day!
And this was Sterling watching as I fed Ella.
He watched every bite she took. I swear you've never seen a little baby boy so excited to eat solids. At least one of them is easy to feed!
Also, I have to confess, this exersaucer toy is the greatest thing I've ever purchased for the kids. It acts as a babysitter A LOT. There are so many interesting toys on it, I can put one of them in it and they'll stay completely entertained for at least 20 minutes. That may not seem like a long time to some, but with twins 20 minutes is almost a lifetime! Plus, I just found out that Evenflo makes interchangeable toys for this model exersaucer. I have already bought one new toy to replace a toy that was still a little too advanced for them. How great is that?

Just hangin' around

New country, new Jump-up. Since we had to leave the Johnny Jump-Up with Daddy in Korea (he may very well be playing with it), I decided we'd get another one for here in the states. Besides, won't they have fun when we return to Korea and they have two Jump-ups, and can play together? We're still not strong enough to jump up and down, but it's a great place for Sterling to sit and watch Mommy do housework.

20 Toes

Just a cute moment in Ella and Sterling's life. I was trying to get them dressed for the day this morning, but these two jokers wanted to play with their toes instead!


With all the teething we've been doing around here, I figured it was time to show them off! Since all the teeth have broken the gum line now, I think I may get a break.... until the next teeth come up!
Sterling's teeth.
Ella's teeth. Getting her pearly whites!

September 14- The first crawl

I'm so excited, and so proud of Ellabell! She crawled for the first time today! This was the picture I got of Ella's very first time crawling! Hooray for Ellabell! This morning she was playing on the blanket I keep on the floor for them to play on. This little Fisher Price barnyard toy caught her eye, and I guess she just decided she was going to make her way over to it. She got up on her hands and knees, and moved one leg then the next (then she collapsed). I couldn't belive it, and even more important, I just happened to have my camera out! So then I pointed her in the direction of where Sterling was playing in the exersaucer, and sure enough, she did it again! Now she is moving with a vengance. She's been working really hard all day to get this crawling thing under control. I think in a couple more days, that little blanket they play on will no longer be a boundry for her. Time to baby proof the house....

6 month check-up

The down side of being 6 months old is that you have to get a 6 month well baby check up. One day you're having a half birthday party; the next you're getting lots of shots in your pudgy little legs!
Both babies had their check ups today and "passed" with flying colors. They also got 4 shots each. Truly, 4 teeth and 8 shots is more than any mother can handle! I wish I had stock in baby Tylenol with the rate we're using it at. Add to my list of things I will NEVER do by myself again- taking the babies for their shots by myself. The check up wasn't hard, but not being able to comfort both babies at once during and after their shots was awful. It really was right up there with taking an international flight by myself. I simply refuse to do it again.
Sterling has pulled ahead in the size department. Everyone has been commenting that they thought he looked bigger than Ella these days, and they were correct! Sterling is an amazing 15lbs.13oz. and 26.5 in. long! I'm so proud of him. Can you believe he weighs over 10 lbs. more than he did when he was born just 6 months ago?
Ella weighed a whopping 14lb.11oz., and was 26 in. long! She also had four shots- poor thing.
In other news of the day, we tried bananas for the first time. The monkey of course LOVED bananas. Ella on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them. So far I haven't seen either one of them out right balk at a food, but it happened today. Ella simply refused to eat the bananas. Every spoonful kept getting spit back out. Finally she just wouldn't open her mouth anymore. It didn't matter what I did, nothing was going to get her to open her mouth. She just clamped her lips shut and turned her face away from me. I can't believe it! Maybe she's not as much like Michael as everyone says she is. Her father looooooooves banana pudding. He'll be so devastated. Oh well, I guess Sterling will just get to eat her portion!