Thursday, March 31, 2011

February 2011

February brought pajama day at school. I love checking in on the kids in class and seeing them interact with their classmates. Of course, as you can see by Ella's face in the picture below, sometimes that leads to a few tears. She wanted me to hold her, and I wouldn't, as the whole class was lining up. But for the most part they do pretty well when I come to their classroom, and aren't too clingy to mommy. I just love their little class. Aren't these kids just too precious? Seeing Sterling thriving in the classroom makes my heart just soar. When he was so very sick last year, actually, just exactly this time last year, one of the hardest pills to swallow was the idea that he might never be "typical". It was all I wanted for him. I didn't care if he didn't grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer. I just wanted him to be able to grow up. I wanted him to be able to laugh and play and learn and grow like any other child. When we were fist handed the paper work on his diagnosis, all I could see was the line about severe mental and social impairment. I lost it. But here we are today, one year later and he is able to be that "typical" student. He's not 100% in line with his peers, and his speech still lags, but he's able to play and sing and participate in a regular classroom setting. And that was all I ever wanted for him. Our MOPS group held it's second Parents Night Out event. FOUR glorious hours of childcare while mom and dad went out. We also celebrated our sweet little buddy Ollie's fourth birthday. Some of us arrived to the party in full princess garb. Ollie's birthday was followed by another little friend from school, Lilly P.'s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's... Where of course, Sterling had fun practicing driving.