Monday, November 16, 2009

July 28- Everland

Today we joined Mrs. Eu and Eun Ji in a trip to Everland. Everland is located outside of Seoul, and is sort of like Korea's own Disney World, complete with rides and characters.

See, even the entrance is a little Disneyesque!

Ella's a giraffe!

We wandered trough a whimsical forest...

Strolled the streets...

Then we took a ride on the "It's a small world" ride (sung in Hangul). Don't you just love the little American animations?

We bumped into a group from Bangladesh who wanted to take their picture with us. I guess cause we were the only other foreigners?

Ella took a spin on the carousel, which despite her face in the picture, she LOVED and had to give many hugs and kisses to before we could move on.

This picture is very humorous if you know the back story. Sterling isn't fond of holding hands, being carried, etc. by anyone but Mommy or Daddy. So we were waiting in line and Sterling wasn't paying much attention when he reached his hand up to hold mine. Only it wasn't my hand he grabbed, it was Eun Ji's. He didn't realize his mistake, and continued to stand there, oblivious to who's hand he held. Mrs. Eu, Eun Ji and I were all in stitches waiting for him to realize what was going on. When he did finally look up, he jumped about a mile out of his skin! So funny!

We took a ride on the safari bus ride where we saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

"Look out for bears!"

Next we went on the raging river ride. I love this. Unlike in the states, they cover all the riders with a tarp in an attempt to keep everyone from getting soaked.

Enjoying some refreshments.

Okay, get ready for a bit of a Sterling overload. Everland has a bird house full of friendly little birds who are happy to land on an up turned hand. Sterling thought this was the single most fantastic thing he's ever experienced. He LOVED it! Just look at that face full of excitement! He loved, loved, loved those little birds, and was so incredibly gentle and calm when they landed on him. I was a little afraid he'd let out one of his happy shrills and scare the creatures, but to the contrary, he was very calm. Only his eyes gave away his delight!

Look at Mrs. Eu's face! It's priceless! Ella liked the birds and enjoyed having them land on her palm, but she was a little more cautious than her brother was.

Obviously Eun Ji felt te same way about the birds that her mother did. Wonder if they've ever seen "The Birds"?

No matter, Sterling's enthusiasm made up for Eun Ji's lack of.

"Here birdy, birdy, birdy..."

Secrets between twins. Who knows what secrets they keep?!

It's unanimous, everybody loved their first try of cotton candy!

At the end of the day, we watched the Everland parade. Ella loved all the princesses (i.e. dancers) while Sterling wanted nothing to do with it. He was initially okay with the whole think until a towering sorcerer came by, and then it was all over. He sat burying his head in my chest for the rest of the parade.

We had such a lovely day, and now I'm deeply regretting that we never made it to Everland with Michael. It was such fun!

July 27- Fairy princess

This one is all girl, and what a sight she is!

July 25- Popcorn and parties

Tonight we had a few of Michael's soldiers over for a cook out. Sterling could be found hording the refreshments! He's a popcorn lover for sure!

It was a nice get together. After the children were asleep for the evening the adults became engaged in a game of

July 23- Take a peach, take a plum

We came home the other day to find a basket of freshly picked plums on our doorstep. These plums are the white Asian plums, and man oh man are they delicious!The kids are wild for them!

Look at him sucking in that belly. Guess he's watching his weight.

July 21- Dak gulgi

This afternoon we met Michael and some of his Korean co-workers for lunch. We enjoyed spicy dak gulgi (chicken).

Then he came home from work early to join the kids in an afternoon nap. Look at that little leg!