Sunday, May 20, 2012

March 2012

Be sure to check out how we spent the beginning of March here. Then read about the rest of our exciting month...
In honor of the release of The Lorax, green day at Sterling's school meant green hair for all the pre-k class! He has one of the most wonderful and dedicated teachers of I'm sure his entire educational career this year. Sweet Ms. Melanie sprayed all the children's hair green, leaving herself with some crazy looking green fingers! 
My green man. 
 The day school had a storybook character parade in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. All the children dressed as their favorite character, then paraded around the gym. 
 Ella dressed as Fancy Nancy, from one of her favorite series.

Ella loved, loved, loved getting to have lunch at Sterling's school. She looked forward to it all week. 
It's fun for me to see them in a class together again. While they have both thrived individual of each other this year, I think they will be in the same class again next year and secretly, I'm kind of looking forward to it. 
 Getting ready for their birthday days at school. Since we were out of town for their birthday this year, they celebrated with their classmates upon our return. 
 Ella chose to bring ice cream sundaes to school instead of cupcakes of cake this year. 
 And although Sterling doesn't eat sweets (who's child is he?), he wanted a "tractor cake" for his school celebration. Actually, I think we lost his sweet tooth when he was on the keto diet to control his seizures. The loss of that sweet tooth was a small price to pay for the nearly 18 months of seizure freedom we've enjoyed. Praise God! 
I just love all the sweet little friends he has at school. Not only does he have his best buds, Ollie and Henry (pictured to his left and right respectively), but he's made some really sweet new friends this year. It's a really great class of kids and I'm glad Sterling has been able to be a part of it.  

Not the traditional way to spend Saint Patrick's day, but we spent the day dying Easter eggs with Lucy, Maddox and Ollie.

The boys spent less time dying eggs and more time picking eggs off an egg tree. 
 And a preview of things to come...
 Recital costumes have arrived, and all the tiny ballerinas are having so much fun trying them on!
 It's been so much fun watching this group of girls dance together the past two years. 
 Arabesque, ladies! 
Can't wait for their recital in June! It's sure to be precious! 

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